How To Quickly Reduce Expenses

cut expenses

If you’re trying to save money, your efforts usually boil down to two basic approaches: Make more money or cut your expenses. Sometimes you may need to cut your expenses quickly, as in the case of a job loss or some disaster that depletes your funds. If you find yourself needing or wanting to cut your daily expenses, here are some ideas that are easy to do and can quickly have more money in your pocket.

Drop the Cable TV

No matter how much you think you need it, the chances are that you won’t miss it much once it is gone and there are many ways to reduce the amount of TV you watch. In fact, not only can it save you money, it can end up making you a lot of money if you use the ex


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5 Responses to How To Quickly Reduce Expenses

  1. Great list and advice.
    I’ve had to do just these things a couple of times in my financial life until things got back on track but it worked.

  2. I agree–there are many ways to slash expenses in a rush. Don’t forget, besides saving electricity by not running the dryer, you will also save cooling expenses in the summer because dryers create a lot of heat. Also unplug appliances when you are not using them–they use a lot of electricity when they are not in use.

  3. Minny says:

    We had to do this about eight years ago and for many of these things we have never gone back. It was absolutely staggering how much money we saved.

    The one thing we did keep was a good internet connection. It was through this that we found cheaper insurance, cheaper landline phonecalls and so many ways to save money day to day on living expenses. The best of these were the sites on thrifty living, especially the site run by Martin Lewis. ‘The Tightwad Gazette’ was very influential in changing our mind set, giving us a new outlook on life.

    I started to use books about wartime food rations and way of life. Here in the UK rations were very stringent and there were many recipes created. We treated it like a big game.

  4. Jan says:

    Put up an over the air tv antenna, get a good internet connection, and use your tv as a second monitor on your computer. You won’t even miss the cable bill. You can usually go to most of your favorite tv shows online and watch full episodes on there. Use Mozilla Firefox browser with ad blocker turned on and you won’t even have to sit through commercials!

    Download the Google Voice app and turn off VOIP or your landline. Use as a backup for your cell to save minutes or use it instead of a cellphone – it’s free.

  5. Tahirarache says:

    The last Christmas holiday i did not buy gifts for my 3 grandchildren. My rent keeps going up. And in New York City everything is so exensive. It was time to stop. I did it for 19 years. I saved money and had no doubts about choosing this option.

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