10 Things That Used to Be Free

free air

We live in a world driven by commerce. In today’s society, we hand over our hard-earned cash for things that used to be considered common courtesy. Whether it’s a sign of our economic woes or plain, old greed, we seem to find more and more ways to wring a little more money out of each other. Here are 10 examples of things that used to be free, but you now have to pay for:

Air and Water at Service Stations

This may be the best-known example of once-free items, at least for those of us over the age of 20. The coin-op air compressors on the side of the service station have become commonplace. There’s almost always a water hose somewhere, too, although the shutoff valve may be


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3 Responses to 10 Things That Used to Be Free

  1. bobebob says:

    If you look at the link at the end of the bench video, it appears to be an art piece by Fabian Brunsing as opposed to a serious attempt to charge people to sit on a bench.

    But given my take on his project, I think he would agree with the rest of your article.

  2. Minny says:

    Here in the UK it used to be a ‘coin in the slot’ to use lavatories. Not so now – mostly, there are exceptions but usually it’s free.

    That is why older people here say ‘spend a penny’ because that was the general price.

    When using public lavatories back in the day, I remember the female members of the family holding the door for the next until we had all ‘been’ so as to only spend one penny.

  3. Very interesting. I know that over the next few days my brain will be churning to come up with more…

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