27 Healthy Foods That Don’t Cost a Fortune

fresh vegetables

Whenever talk turns to eating healthy, one of the common arguments against it is that it’s too expensive. Well, it can be. If you buy nothing but organic foods or “convenience” produce like pre-cut apples or carrots, and bagged salads, you’re going to pay a lot of money. You’ll also pay more for “fat free,” “sugar free” or “gluten free” foods. (Many of which aren’t any better for you than the regular varieties. In some cases, they’re worse.) But you don’t have to pay a fortune to eat healthy. You can change your eating habits and there many very healthy foods are inexpensive, some as cheap as under a dollar.


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3 Responses to 27 Healthy Foods That Don’t Cost a Fortune

  1. Monkey Mama says:

    I’ve never understood the “healthy food cost more” arguments, but this is a good list of our diet – I mean this is what we mostly eat. Cheap, cheap and more cheap.

    I’ve decided over the years the #1 frugal thing we do is mostly drink water. I am shocked by how much people spend on other drinks (coffee, milk, juice, soda, tea, on and on and on). Sure, I’ve got some soda, milk and juice in my fridge, but we just drink so little of it – it doesn’t amount to much. *Most meals* we drink with water.

  2. Minny says:

    For most of us the old fashioned home cooked meals are healthy and reasonably priced. It is usually the ‘take out’, ready meal for the microwave or meal eaten out that is high in fat and other nasties as well as expensive. No matter what the food looks like the eater has NO idea what’s in there!

    I think the biggest time saver is frozen vegetables. They have no waste and come in a massive variety.

  3. amanda says:

    I pay more for the gluten free foods but thats because Im gluten sensitive. Eating whole wheat foods is not an option. I agree with the rest tho. Its the best way to eat. Nothing out of a package.

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