Slow Down, Save Money

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There are far too many people who are racing around today at breakneck speed. We drive too fast because we’re running late and have too much to do. We gobble down our food because there’s no time to enjoy a meal. We multitask at our desks because we have to get everything done, and get it done right this minute. We’re all under pressure to move faster and do more. The funny thing is that all this rushing around is likely making things worse and costing us more money. Here are a number of examples of actions you may be doing too quickly and why doing these at break-neck speed ends up costing you money.

You Eat Too Fast

You don’t feel full, so you keep eating. You eat more than you need which is expensive, plus it causes obesity which leads to other health problems. You also eat too much “fast food” which also leads to obesity and health problems. Health problems cost money to treat. Even something simple like acid reflux from eating too fast can have long term health consequences, over and above the money you’ll spend on Rolaids.

You Drive Too Fast

You’re more likely to have a wreck and have it classified as your fault. This is going to cost you big money in higher insurance premiums (if you can still find someone to cover you). Then there’s the cost of the speeding tickets. If you cause a big wreck that outstrips your insurance coverage, you could be on the hook for a major lawsuit. Driving too fast and leaping on the gas at stoplights also increases your gas bill. If you speed and wreck often enough and lose your license, you could lose your job if you don’t have another way to get to work.

You Do Too Many Tasks at Once

This is when things start to slip through the cracks because you aren’t paying proper attention. You forget to pay a bill. You don’t double check your figures and overdraw your account. You forget to sign a check and it comes back, with fees attached. You forget to do something important at your job which ends up costing you your job. You might think you’re getting more done, but chances are that important stuff is slipping by you.

You’re Rushing and Not Being Careful

This is when you trip and fall down the stairs. Or when you try to hurry that roof repair and end up falling off the roof. You’re talking on your cell phone and trying to eat your lunch while walking and not paying attention to traffic. You step in front of a car and get hit. Rushing and trying to do too much leads to accidents and injuries.

You End Up Having to Spend More Money

It may seem to make sense to work more hours or take on more jobs. After all, you’re making more money. But when you do this, you’ll probably find yourself having to pay for more childcare, meals out, commuting expenses, and hiring household help. After all, you’re never home to do anything like clean or cook. You’ll also be more distracted and harried, leading to mistakes in all areas of your life. Doing more can cost you more.

These are just a few examples of how speeding through life can cost you money. The solution? Slow down. Be deliberate. Take your time. Do one thing at a time and do it well. Make certain you’re not making silly mistakes that will cost you money. Don’t jeopardize your health by being in such a hurry. Evaluate whether doing more is costing you more. If it is, do less.

I realize that the idea of doing less is almost sacrilegious in our culture. Everything around us screams, “Do more.” But maybe that’s because the advertisers know that the more we do, the more money we spend and lose and that’s to their advantage. Try the contrarian approach. Slow down, think, and carefully carry out your actions. You’ll be safer, healthier, and wealthier than the poor saps who are running themselves ragged.

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  1. Jennifer, you have nailed the issues. We do try to do too much, and we rush through life. I don’t think we realize just how many problems we create for ourselves trying to do too much.

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