Slow Down, Save Money

slow down

There are far too many people who are racing around today at breakneck speed. We drive too fast because we’re running late and have too much to do. We gobble down our food because there’s no time to enjoy a meal. We multitask at our desks because we have to get everything done, and get it done right this minute. We’re all under pressure to move faster and do more. The funny thing is that all this rushing around is likely making things worse and costing us more money. Here are a number of examples of actions you may be doing too quickly and why doing these at break-neck speed ends up costing you money.

You Eat Too Fast

You don’t feel full, so you keep eating. You eat


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One Response to Slow Down, Save Money

  1. Jennifer, you have nailed the issues. We do try to do too much, and we rush through life. I don’t think we realize just how many problems we create for ourselves trying to do too much.

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