Money Mistakes: Perfection Isn’t Possible

money down the drain

I get kind of irritated when I see people on financial forums tearing another poster apart because they’ve done something stupid with money. Well, so have we all at one time or another. Perfection with money isn’t possible. Even if your last name is Buffett or Gates, chances are you’ve made some mistakes with money. The trick to doing well financially is to learn from your mistakes and to do better the next time.

To my mind there are two kinds of mistakes with money. There is the kind of mistake that comes from just not knowing any better or getting caught up in a firestorm of bad events, and there is the kind of mistake that comes from deliberately blowing money and not r


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One Response to Money Mistakes: Perfection Isn’t Possible

  1. Jay says:

    Good point! Huge difference between learning from mistakes, and wallowing in guilt. With the first, you can change the behavior; the second, inertia/paralysis easily take over.

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