Cash Mobs, Huge Mark-Ups, Resume Tips and Carnivals

local businesses

Here are a few articles that I came across this past week that peaked my interest that may provide some good weekend reading:

An interesting take to help locally owned businesses in difficult economic times. Cash Mobs are organizes customer groups that gather together to spend money at a specific struggling locally owned business in support of their community.


Here are 10 items with ridiculous mark-ups according to MSNBC

  • Text messages with a 6,000% mark-up
  • Bottled water with a 4,000% mark-up
  • Movie theater popcorn with a 1,275% mark-up
  • Brand name drugs with anywhere from a 200% to 3,000% mark-up
  • Hotel minibar with a 400% mark-up
  • Coffee shop coffee with a 300% mark-up
  • Wine with

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One Response to Cash Mobs, Huge Mark-Ups, Resume Tips and Carnivals

  1. Budget Dial says:

    The cash mob is very exciting concept! I love the idea. I am all about spending local to help mom and pop stores.

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