House Ads: Paying Off Your Mortgage Through Advertising?

house ads

For anyone struggling to make their mortgage payment or whose house is currently upside down, the offer of someone paying your mortgage payments would seem like a dream come true. That is what an advertising company, Brainiacs From Mars, says it plans to do. They recently signed a deal with one homeowner to cover their home mortgage payment of $2000 for three months, and possibly up to a year. Before you get your hopes up that this is a solution to your current mortgage problems, it’s important to take a realistic view of what this offer is — nothing more than a publicity stunt. How do we know this? Because it doesn’t make financial sense.

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5 Responses to House Ads: Paying Off Your Mortgage Through Advertising?

  1. trish says:

    I am happy that this won’t be a new way for people to pay off their mortgage. I would hate to live in a neighborhood where all the houses were decorated in advertising. It would be an ugly mess!!

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  3. Oswaldo Briones says:

    Please send more information about this program

  4. Lesley Jenkins says:

    Its ashame that this is what we have come to that this is even a thought but if they have a contract let me read then where do I sign?

  5. Michael David Cilantro says:

    I think it would not bother me at all.Thats like saying you would not live in a neighbor hood because a guy painted his house pink and put a unicorn in his yard.It should solely be up to the property owner and should never matter what others think.I just see why this would not be a good advertising venture but I do see potential and there could be a better way in which this would work.

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