Stupid Survey Questions


I got a survey the other day about my attitudes on the economy. I had to laugh when I got to the question that read, “Do you find yourself striving to save more money on your everyday purchases or foregoing those purchases so you can treat yourself to a more expensive indulgence?” (Evidently, this is something that research has shown people do in times of financial crisis. Keep the indulgences and fund them with cuts in necessities.) I guess my participation blew the bell curve because every time they made some suggestion like this, I said no and explained why their questions were stupid.

It was the wording of the question that got to me. The question made it seem as if this sh


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4 Responses to Stupid Survey Questions

  1. John | Married (with Debt) says:

    I definitely cut down spending in the areas I hate so I can spend on things I like. I’d spend $5000 for a two week vacation but wouldn’t spend that much on a used car.

    I find it’s easier just to take care of your things and buy stuff that lasts. I’d rather spend an extra dollar if it keeps me out of the store for another year.

  2. bben says:

    Often the poll isn’t to actually find out information as to show something that the pollster is trying to ‘prove’. The questions are worded in a way that the majority of poll takers will answer the way the pollster wants them to answer. – Thus ‘proving’ that the majority of poll takers favor whatever it is that is paying for the poll. Sometimes, These are done unintentionally and favor the pollster’s personal biases. But most often, especially in the case of paid polls, it is intentional.

    The polls you see in places like facebook are not there to collect opinion, but to collect personal information on you. Most often to get your email facebook and twitter info so they can sell these to spammers and rip off artists.

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  4. Gail says:

    I hate the survey questions where, for me, there is no real answer because as the other poster mentioned they are written in such a way to get the responses they want. I’m not a typical shopper, like most frugal folks, so surveys that want you to buy products don’t give you a chance to say that you have no need for their crap.

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