When Your Fun Makes You Want More

want vs needs

One of my favorite things to do every spring is to go to the big RV show held at the convention center. I love to look at all the new RV’s and drool over million dollar coaches that only a lottery win will ever make affordable for me. As much as I enjoy it, though, I’ve noticed a problem. After the show is over and I’m back home clutching all the glossy brochures, I feel bad. I look out the window at my seventeen year old (yes, that’s 17 years old) motor home and sigh. As much as I enjoy that camper and as well cared for as it is, she’s no longer the new kid on the block. Her gloss is gone, her decor and features are dated, and she’s got a lot of miles be


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5 Responses to When Your Fun Makes You Want More

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  2. Maggie Wolfe says:


    Wow! You do a wonderful job of articulating that yearning most of us have for bigger, better, newer, cooler “stuff”, even when we don’t need that stuff.

    And you do an even more amazing job of coming up with creative ways to deal with that yearning. Thank you for the wise advice.

  3. bax says:

    I am really careful with my television consumption for the same reason. Magazines on my favorite topics can be pretty eveil too.

  4. Minny says:

    There are many shops in my town that I just never go into because they are expensive.

    When we were remodelling our house my husband suggested going into a very swish bathroom shop – I said no – but he went in and I followed. When we came out I was full of ideas for our small bathroom and he was getting worried about the amount of money it was going to cost.

    So, after a period of discomfort, I explained why I don’t go into shops that we can’t afford. They have beautiful things that I would love to have and I get swept away. I know that in a short time common sense will prevail – but how I hate the feeling of not being able to have those lovely things in my life!!! In the worst case it can make me not like what we can afford, that is really not nice.

  5. J Marie says:

    We camp too! While our camper is newer, it is not as luxurious as some of our friend’s units. Who cares? We are outside most of the time anyway. We love to travel, and our camper gets us there!

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