67+ Free and Inexpensive Hobbies

sand collection

We often think of hobbies as expensive, and some are. If you want to raise horses, collect antique cars, take up drag racing, or own your own plane to indulge your passion for flying, you’re going to pay a lot of money. However, there are plenty of hobbies available that are free or inexpensive. With almost any hobby, there are ways to make it less expensive. You can shop the used market, borrow or rent supplies, or trade supplies with other hobbyists. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that, just because you are on a tight budget (or don’t want to spend a lot of money), you can’t have any hobbies. Here are some ideas for inexpensive hobbies:


There are a lot


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24 Responses to 67+ Free and Inexpensive Hobbies

  1. What a great list! I have a few blogging, photography music etc.

  2. Damyjo says:

    I have a few hobbies i love to make Jewelry and sew i’m in the process of making an original Indian Regalia Buckskin(deerskin) that my husband bought me at an auction.I am so excited to get it started also i make moccasins.but my pure enjoyment is off loom weaving with seed beads i have some of my Jewelry on my Blog at Google+

    Also what a nice list you have

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  4. hannah says:

    i do most of them and still bored

  5. Annie says:

    Why can’t i find anything to do? Nothing stands out what i would be interested in i have no spare money…and the only thing you could come close to hobby is reading that when i get chance to do it im too tired i have this unfulfilled void that i cannot find anything to fill it with! And i have a baby so it isn;t childen as most people say I am like the Toad form Wind in the Willows i have tried cooking, paint by numbers, animation, gardening, walking, cross stitching don;t get any free time to go swimming anymore or the kids at the pool put me off, crossword (and the other puzzles), photography i can;t find anythign that keeps my brain ticking over if anyone knows how to help i would really appreciate it x

  6. Kristen says:

    If someone is that easily bored it’s because they are simply a boring person. Maybe you should take a look at the common denominator and do something about that?

  7. Coco says:

    It could be that you’re doing too much so that you can’t really get into any of them? It might help to just choose one or two and stick with them for awhile. If you don’t like those, then try something else for a set period.

  8. Coco says:

    Try volunteering..maybe with children or visiting the elderly who don’t have much company in nursing homes. They love to be around kids so your little one could come along. It will fill your heart with lots of joy to know that you are making someone else happy. Happiness is like that: You get more of it when you give it away. :) HTH

  9. kirsty says:

    Great suggestions.my hours at work have taken a nose dive and I can’t watch anymore day time tv or watch facebook.

  10. Heather says:

    Nice post which there are plenty of hobbies available that are free or inexpensive. With almost any hobby, there are ways to make it less expensive. You can shop the used market, borrow or rent supplies, or trade supplies with other hobbyists.Thanks a lot for posting.

  11. Reanna says:

    Many of these things are quite expensive. Such as pottery. You’d need to purchase clay, pottery wheel, kiln, glaze, and many other tools.

  12. SC says:

    I was very surprised to see that stamp collecting is not part of this list! You can start with common used stamps – maybe from regular mail you may have received. And your first few stamps can be kept in a small shoe box! Stamp collecting is fun and educational. As your collection grows you can use a regular three ring binder. You can buy nice quality 3 gauge archival polypropylene pages that fit nicely in a 3 ring binder and a 5 page starter pack costs $5.50

  13. Alan says:

    The last thing you should do is get on facebook! Your Location or Opinions will land you in trouble, in jail, or both.

  14. Brittany says:

    A hobby won’t be a cause of unemployment–I want a hobby BECAUSE I’m unemployed. lol

  15. John R. says:

    This is a great list! Thanks for putting this all together. It is great to see that fun hobbies can be inexpensive too. You don’t have to drop the big bucks to do something you enjoy!

  16. Mark Burrows says:

    Very interesting article with loads of hobbies to choose from. You dont have to be retired to start your own work at home business from a hobby. Its becoming more and more popular as regular employment is getting harder to find in the current financial climate.

    I think that more and more people could start their own work at home business and what better way than by making money from your hobby. I think it coins the old phrase “Do what you love Love what you do” I turned my hobby of keeping chickens into a full time business and wrote an amazon No1 bestselling book on the subject,

    I really believe that there is no better way to have your own work at home business than doing something you allready have a passion for.

  17. jeff says:

    the list is funny enough, however some of the comments has made me wet my pants, i’d like to thank (i hate FB Alan, who is currently running around his garden with tin foil on his head dodging alians,) John R who is still currently looking for a hobby and a girlfriend!) and last but not least, mark burrows who has gone from finding companionship with his feathery friends, and then thought it would be a good idea to tell the world in a book, however this book is the only one in its catagory and the only person who bought it was Mark, so well done only you realy care’s, probably should stay that way burrows,
    thanks for the laughs weirdos

  18. Anne says:

    It is possible you are not getting into any of them enough, or that these are not simply not things that interest you. Find what you do enjoy doing (even if expensive) and then find the cheaper alternative. For example:

    downhill skiing – tobogganing
    shopping – window shopping
    movies – old movies at home
    eating out – cooking French cuisine

    it could also be that you are missing a certain level of excitement: do you like car racing, horseback riding, and downhill skiing? maybe you need speed – try road cycling.

    Finally, if you find no interest at all, could you be depressed; lack of interest is a common symptom.

  19. Cyrus says:

    Disc golf is great replacement for regular golf. $30 in used frisbees from Play It Again Sports and you are set. Try to stay away from the upgrade cycle. It’s the chef not the tools.

    Google for free local disc golf courses in your area.

  20. John Cheney says:

    That’s what people are trying to do fide a hobby slowly stimulating there mind and then lead to doing more the reason there even having to look at this site should have told you that without you having to leave your smart ass comennt trying to leave people feeling degraded wen there actually trying to get off their ass and make a effort

  21. John Cheney says:

    That’s a sensible comment unlike the one from Kristen I was just suffering looking for ideas for something different to do but went through a Bach of depression a few years ago anyoneggoing through that looking for ideas needs useful comments like yours not something to nock them back for trying ill finish my s.a of a comment now a short nice one whould have been sufficient really

  22. John Cheney says:

    I realise some of the people on the site may be a bit square but at least there not a dickless wonder like you as what they say does actually make sense unlike you. Also you must be in the same boat as them or why search hobbies and then click on the site?

  23. Rob says:

    Hi Annie
    I would suggest completing a few online “career” or hobby surveys. These are well constructed questions that assist you in finding out what you really enjoy doing.
    Whilst it’s not about your career as such, the principles are the same. They are professionally constructed surveys that match apersons interests and background to vocations. And they don’t take very long. I re-take them every 6 months.

  24. madame butterfly says:

    Awesome ideas! Great list of inexpensive hobbies that I can surely enjoy doing.. Especially Reading and Arts/Crafting activities.. These activities are great especially to those who don’t have enough money to afford hobbies that causes so much money to do.. Arts and Crafting are great you can just use recycled materials for you to enjoy doing this without spending money. Reading also is great you can just read the book and stay at home that can help you to just keep your money instead of going out.

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