What Trash Art Can Teach About Money

I must admit that I wish I had more artistic talent. When there is an art piece that catches my eye, I can stare at it for hours wondering how the artist was able to visualize the final piece from the raw materials she decided to use. I also must admit that I have a special affinity for trash art — those creations that come from the stuff that most people wouldn’t consider worth anything.

As I was staring at a piece of trash art in San Francisco the other day, I was reminded that trash art can also show us some important messages about money. Here are a few worth considering:

It’s Not What You Have, But What You Do With What You Have

landfill trash art
(Photo courtesy of darinmarshall)



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2 Responses to What Trash Art Can Teach About Money

  1. baselle says:

    I love this article. I’ve been fooling around with mosaics and in a sense what I’m doing is trash art. Its a mix of trash and finished materials. Its fun because not only is it that you are working with what you have but with what others toss away. Like value investing, you have to find the fun in being contrarian.

  2. Joan.of.the.Arch says:

    Cool, Jeffrey. The simile and the literal case are equally true here.

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