Money Lessons Learned from Birthday Parties

happy birthday cake

Birthday parties can be a lot of fun. They can also be a source of great aggravation and angst, both for the party host and the celebrant. Some of this comes from the emotional aspect of birthdays, but some of the angst comes from the financial cost of the party. Sometimes it’s a combination of both factors that leaves everyone involved angry, upset, and sorry that anyone ever thought about the birthday in the first place. Whether a birthday party is fun or miserable, you can learn a lot about money, though.

It’s less about the birthday and more about outdoing others

I’ve been to a number of parties where the clear intention of the host was to make some kind of statement.


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One Response to Money Lessons Learned from Birthday Parties

  1. Cynthia says:

    We had a lovely birthday party for one of our friends the other day and we made it an Indian themed buffet. We played Indian music as well. The main reason for this was that Indian food is relatively inexpensive to make … mostly lentils and rice (and we like it a lot). We have the good fortune of some good cooks in our friend group, but most importantly, none of us is doing all that well financially. The home party is the norm for us. And we generally express gratitude toward one another with our works rather than our money.

    In our friend group it is proper etiquette to bring food to gatherings. When it’s a special event, we bring even nicer food and we coordinate our dishes like we did for this birthday.

    Someone who everyone knows is going through a hard time can bring rice, home baked bread or lentils. Someone who can’t cook, can always bring chips or a salad.

    We even had a pot-luck for my wedding. Everyone who brought a dish brought it by slightly early and to make everything beautiful by placing it in finer dishware. We have a friend who’s got a large set of matching serving dishes; this helped.

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