Best Entertainment Value for Your Money

entertainment value

Entertainment is a large category in many people’s budgets. We all want to have fun, after all, with what limited downtime we have after work and chores are completed. The problem is that, “entertainment” money is easy to waste on things that have little lasting value. Now, by lasting value I don’t mean that something appreciates over time, or something that you will always love and never want to replace or get rid of. By lasting value, I mean something that you really want, will enjoy, or that will give you great memories. Maybe you won’t love it forever, but you’ll at least enjoy it for a time.

How many times have you gone to see the latest movie only t


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3 Responses to Best Entertainment Value for Your Money

  1. Gail says:

    Entertainment is the smallest budget item in our budget. We rarely go out, our kids give us DVDs for gifts so we can watch movies that we want to see and generally run them many times. I get free books to review through a program with Amazon (sorry invite only) or at library book sales. My hobby is sewing and because we also have a sewing related business, some of that is tax deductible. We don’t feel the need to run around and entertain ourselves. We have too many other things we want to be doing. Generally when we go out we get a meal and spend time at Barnes and Noble reading books and magazines (and ocassionally buy them). Perfect date night for us.

  2. Susan says:

    I ‘ve found that a good way to get a lot out of what you pay is to visit your local historical sites. Depending on where you are they are often manned with volunteers who are very eager to share information about where you are visiting. And most of the time they ask for very little in payment and it is also a donation. Good all around.

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