Penny Hoarding: Strange Ways To Make Money

penny hoarder

There are a lot of people collecting pennies these days. Not just any pennies. They are collecting pennies that date before 1982 and plan on making a lot of money on them. These people are penny hoarders and they have a plan.

Penny hoarders are only interested in the pre-1982 pennies because these pennies are made with 95% copper. Pennies made after 1982 are made mostly of zinc with a thin copper coating. Why is this important? Because just as other metal prices like silver and gold prices have dramatically increased over the last few years, so has copper making each of the pre-1982 copper pennies worth more than a penny in copper. In fact, the copper in each penny from these years is worth


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  1. RB Boren says:

    The five-cent piece “nickel” actually is 75 percent copper (and 25 percent nickel), so if a copper penny is worth 2.5 cents, you can imagine how much more valuable a nickel is today.

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