Ways Great Sex Can Save Money

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When most people think about New Year financial resolutions, they think about tackling those difficult issues that they know that they should be doing, but have been avoiding because they know working on them is going to take time, effort and probably a little pain. Get rid of the credit card debt. Reduce costs. Make a budget and stick to it. These are all necessary to get your finances in order, but they aren’t things that most people actively look forward to doing.

With that in mind, I think it’s important to make a resolution that not only will save you money, but one that will also be a whole lot of fun to do at the same time. While this financial advice didn’t come to


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2 Responses to Ways Great Sex Can Save Money

  1. dan says:

    Now this is a New Year resolution that I can fully support!

  2. Bengamin says:

    Love it. I now have a good response when my wife gets frustrated when I turn over and go to sleep afterward. I can point out that it is what is supposed to happen and that it is a small price to pay for her better looking skin.

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