Ways Great Sex Can Save Money

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When most people think about New Year financial resolutions, they think about tackling those difficult issues that they know that they should be doing, but have been avoiding because they know working on them is going to take time, effort and probably a little pain. Get rid of the credit card debt. Reduce costs. Make a budget and stick to it. These are all necessary to get your finances in order, but they aren’t things that most people actively look forward to doing.

With that in mind, I think it’s important to make a resolution that not only will save you money, but one that will also be a whole lot of fun to do at the same time. While this financial advice didn’t come to me via a prostitute, there are certainly some sound financial arguments that are echoed below. If you haven’t added “having great sex” to your list of ways to better your finances in 2012, here are a number of reasons that having great sex with your partner will save you money:

Reduced Stress

Researchers used positron emission tomography (PET) scans and were able to show that for an individual to reach orgasm, one of the essential requirements was for that individual to set themselves free from “all fear and anxiety” according to ScienceLine. Researchers in Scotland have reported in the journal Biological Psychology that people who have regular intercourse have lower blood pressure and reduced overall stress compared to those who don’t.

Stress can lead to a whole range of unhealthy habits. In an attempt to relieve that stress, many people turn to such things as spending money and shopping for things that aren’t really needed. While there are a number of low cost ways to relieve stress, having great sex is probably the most fun way and it’s difficult to think of a better way to ensure that you don’t spend money in ways you don’t need to.

Feel Closer to Your Partner

In addition to reducing stress, great sex helps you feel closer to your partner. When people have sex and orgasms, there is an increase level of the hormone oxytocin produced. Oxytocin is often referred to as the “love hormone” which helps individuals build trust, as well as to bond and nurture.

It’s never a good situation when you aren’t feeling close to your partner, and the stress that this causes can show up in a number of financially destructive ways. Eventually it can even lead to divorce. When you feel close to your partner, there is a lot less chance that the relationship will end in divorce since there is a huge reason to continue to work on it. Keeping a relationship on good terms can save tens of thousands of dollars that would almost certainly be lost when a relationship ends in divorce.

Better and Deeper Sleep

There are many reasons that lack of sleep can cost you money, so the better you are able to sleep, the more rested you will feel each and every day. Great sex will wear you out and release a cocktail of hormones with a key one being prolactin. Prolactin helps to make sure that you sleep soundly at night.

Healthier Immune System

Not only is it important to have great sex to save money, it’s important to have great sex on a regular basis. A study by Wilks University scientists showed that students have have frequent sex (those reporting having sex twice a week) had higher levels of immunoglobulin A (IgA) than those students that had less frequent or no sex. IgA has been shown to protect individuals from getting colds and other infections. Unfortunately, daily sex seems to reduce IgA in the body as those that reported having sex 3 or more times per week also had less IgA than those who reported having sex twice a week.

Anyone that has ever been sick knows that being ill can end up costing a small fortune. Beyond the costs of doctor visit and medication, the loss of productivity and time off work can have significant negative financial consequences. While there are a lot of things that you can do to try and prevent the flu, I can’t think of many that are more enjoyable than having great sex.

Lower Entertainment Costs

Those that are able to entertain themselves end up spending a lot less money than those that have to be constantly entertained. When it comes to a choice between going out to dinner and a movie or staying in together having great sex, 9 out of 10 times the choice would be the latter (with the other being going out to dinner and a movie and returning to have great sex the other time). While having sex should never eliminate doing other activities that help keep a relationship healthy, it will often trump them when there is a choice — and that can end up saving quite a bit of money.

Better Skin

For those who spend a small fortune on their skin, great sex can be an answer to their prayers. According to Real Beauty, great sex does a number of wondrous things for your skin at no cost.

To begin, great sex improves blood circulation and pumps oxygen to your skin which helps to give it that heavenly “after sex glow.” Improved blood circulation can also help eliminate toxins and make your lips appear to be a bit fuller. Sex also helps to balance out hormone levels which has the effect of helping to control acne.

For those worried about aging skin, great sex has that covered too. Sex helps to boost collagen production which can help prevent age spots and sagging in addition to lessening wrinkles. For those whose great sex includes the session getting hot and sweaty, it can also clean dirt, grime, and makeup residue from your pores which you may have missed during your daily face cleanse. When it all comes down to it, great sex has the ability to help improve your skin more than any high priced beauty product.

No Reason To Feel The Need To Keep Up With The Joneses

The best thing that great sex does is that it keeps you focused on your partner instead of the Joneses down the street. When your sex life is good, do you really give a crap that Mr. Jones is driving the latest tractor mower? It’s amazing how little what others are doing really matters when you are happy with yourself and your partner. There is no reason to have to show off and your main focus is having a good time with the one you love. When this is the focus rather than material things, you are guaranteed to save boatloads of money.

All these reasons that “great sex saves money” examples hinge on the important assumption that when you are having the great sex, you are correctly using birth control. Not doing so can result in a new addition to the family that will certainly not help your savings account, so resolve to have that great sex this year, but have it safely.

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  1. dan says:

    Now this is a New Year resolution that I can fully support!

  2. Bengamin says:

    Love it. I now have a good response when my wife gets frustrated when I turn over and go to sleep afterward. I can point out that it is what is supposed to happen and that it is a small price to pay for her better looking skin.

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