Gas Prices Are Down, But Don’t Celebrate Too Much

pumping gas

For the first time in years, gas here went under three dollars a gallon. It was cause for a minor celebration. There’s just something nice about seeing that $2.98 on the marquee. It’s only psychological, but it was comforting. Of course, after my minor celebration I realized that there was no point in getting overly excited. The long term trend for gasoline is up, up, and up. (Here it’ll happen soon rather than later since our state is increasing the tax after the first of the year and the ethanol subsidy is ending.) It’s a resource with limited availability and as it becomes scarcer, the price will go higher. This little dip is a nice respite, but the higher prices


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5 Responses to Gas Prices Are Down, But Don’t Celebrate Too Much

  1. Earl Richards says:

    Purchase solar panels and electric cars.

  2. It sure is nice to see a “2” at the start of the gas price! We got a Shell gas card to reduce the cost per gallon by 5 cents. Shame on me for not reading the fine print–you only get 5 cents off if you purchase 45 gallons or more per month. AND, there is an annual savings cap of $60. Not worth it to me! Lesson learned I guess!

  3. Joey says:

    Don’t speak so fast! Gas is back up this week in Tennessee. I always budget my fuel costs at $4 a gallon so that I don’t get caught not having enough money for fuel. If the price approaches $4, I’ll start budgeting for $5 per gallon. This always leaves me with some buffer in case I take an impromptu trip. If I accumulate too much extra gas money, I throw it at debt or savings.

  4. Noel says:

    Actually, gas prices going down is not very true. Just yesterday in my neighborhood (NY) prices shot up by 20c, from 3.52 to 3.70.

  5. mark says:

    Here in C. Fl. prices overnight also rose by 20c. 3.19 to 3.39….How can this be justified?

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