Money Lessons Learned From a Dysfunctional Phone System

tangled lines

One of my clients (where a friend of mine also works in IT) recently upgraded their office phone system. The phone system they had was perfectly functional but, like so many people and businesses, they wanted something with more bells and whistles (and something that several of their competitors had). After taking bids, forking over the money, and getting everything installed, the new system has been nothing but trouble. It rarely works and even when it is working, it’s not able to reliably handle the call volume that they deal with. The poor IT staff has done nothing but work on this system for months and the “support” that was supposed to be provided by the seller has be


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  1. Bben says:

    In my experience with just this kind of situation, Upper management – who overruled your friend because the system was ‘cheap’ will soon forget those lessons and make the exact same mistakes again.

    Lessons learned from a successful contractor. Never submit the lowest bid or the highest. Submit a reasonable bid that you both can live with. Cutting corners or cheapening your product to make a sale will come back to bite you. An astute customer will almost always throw out a low bid that is out of line with the rest of the bids. And, If a customer always takes the lowest bid, we don’t want them for a customer as we will lose money on them.

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