Money Lessons Learned from the Christmas Craziness

Christmas pig

We’re slam in the middle of the Christmas nuttiness. Spend, spend, spend is the current motto and I don’t know whether it’s the coming full moon or simply the Christmas insanity, but people are acting crazy. I’ve seen far more people this year yelling at other people, pushing and shoving, flipping others off in parking lots, cussing at cashiers, and generally acting like fools. As someone who intentionally keeps Christmas small and intimate, I find all of this a bit disturbing. Fascinating in a strange, experimental kind of way, but disturbing nonetheless. If I didn’t have to go out to get groceries, I’d happily spend the entire month at home.

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3 Responses to Money Lessons Learned from the Christmas Craziness

  1. Hildalove says:

    My mom taught me a very good lesson. BEWARE OF PEER PRESSURE. You don’t have to buy something just because everyone else does. Anyone besides me remember the Christmas everyone wanted Cabbage Patch Kids during the 1980s? So where are they now?! They are still around but not prominent. And another thing I have also learned over the years: there is life after Christmas, usually. My birthday is in February so I just tell hubby if he can’t get it for me for Christmas, chances are he can get it for me for my birthday, and in the middle of winter blahs, a few birthday gifts seem very nice! So what if I have to wait a couple more months? People expect way too much from one holiday!

  2. rob62521 says:

    I remember the Cabbage Patch craze…I couldn’t figure out the draw either…kind of like Tickle me Elmo a few years back. We had an angel tree at church and my hubby chose a tag without looking at it. It said the child wanted a Tickle me Elmo and I told my hubby that this child is going to be very disappointed because they aren’t available and I wasn’t going to go crazy trying to get one. We did find another Elmo toy and I hope the 3 or 4 year old we bought for wasn’t too disappointed, but I’m not fighting and screaming or overpaying for something “hot” like that.

  3. walleater says:

    dont just spend on xmas try to earn

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