How a Black Magic Marker Saved My Outfit Plus Eight Fashion Tips That Will Save You Money

black Sharpie

By Vicky Oliver

I first realized that I was a frugalista a few years ago when I took a favorite black jacket back to the dry cleaners to complain that the garment had started to “pill.” The finely spun black lace had literally unraveled before my eyes –exposing the frayed white boning underneath.

“This garment is irreplaceable,” I said, knowing that I could never afford another one, and in any case would have no idea where to find a suitable replacement. “Can’t you do something?” I asked, staring into the sympathetic face of my dry cleaner. “Anything?”

“Cleaning it is only going to make it worse,” he muttered.


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3 Responses to How a Black Magic Marker Saved My Outfit Plus Eight Fashion Tips That Will Save You Money

  1. LOVE the black sharpie idea. I often use sharpies to fix smudges on my black boots. Cheap and they work wonders!

  2. Bben says:

    Black sharpies belong in every toolbox. I once saved a machine at a trade show with one. The plastic cover of the prototype had been made of light grey plastic, then painted flat black. The moving crew had somehow gotten a long shallow scratch right across the front of the plastic exposing the light grey underneath. The sales manager was in a panic – he called the factory to try to get a replacement cover sent overnight. I scrounged a black sharpie from the box of office supplies and used it to cover the scratch. Unless you looked very closely the scratch was invisible. A very good thing as the replacement cover didn’t arrive for 3 days, and had not been painted as the only black one was the show demo model. The production version was the grey.

  3. Minny says:

    I’ve used white ‘correction fluid’ to cover chips on white paint and most likely will again.

    I’ve polished handbags with shoe polish to bring back colour (plastic and leather).

    The black pen is a great idea!

    I never buy clothes that have to be dry cleaned – always washable.

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