Money Lessons Learned from “The Firm”

The Firm

If you’ve ever read the book by John Grisham or seen the movie, “The Firm,” then you are familiar with the tale of corporate and personal greed that leads one man to almost lose his life and all of the things he values. In the movie/book, Mitchell McDeree takes a job at a law firm that is the legal representative for a mob family. When he finds out and tries to get out of the firm, he’s hunted and nearly killed until he finds a way to get out with both his life and his law license intact.

It’s an entertaining movie/book full of chases and tension, but at its core it’s an education in the ways money changes people and can, ultimately, ruin their lives. Here


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4 Responses to Money Lessons Learned from “The Firm”

  1. Cynthia Ford says:

    Great article. I have not seen the movie or read the book but I definitely agree with the advice. Especially the part about If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. I know I fell for a few things in my life that sounded to good to be true and they ended up being just that. Especially in regards to dieting…but I have seen quite a lot of scams for financial success along the same line. Will have to check out the movie, to see the examples for myself.

  2. Minny says:

    How true about the dieting Cynthia!

    Wasn’t there a President who didn’t like batchelors on the staff?

  3. Laurren says:

    Interesting and on-point article! I especially like the 3rd lesson. Everything in moderation.

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