10 Things The Army Taught Me About Finances

Dollars & Uncommon Sense

By Steve Repak, CFP®

In basic training, a soldier goes through a process of mental and emotional retraining so that they can operate in an environment very different from the civilian world. I figured out I could take some of the same lessons I learned in the Army and apply them to my finances. Once I started to think differently and then began doing different things with my money, I was able to start accomplishing my financial goals.

The following are 10 Things the Army Taught Me about Finances that I want to share with you in order for you to start thinking differently about your money and to show you that you possess the same skills and tools that I have to achieve any of your financia


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3 Responses to 10 Things The Army Taught Me About Finances

  1. Great article! As an Air-Force wife I can relate to your experiences. I find that accountability is key. I use Mint.com to keep track of my spending and cut down in various categories. It’s like dieting, if you don’t know how much you are consuming you can’t cut back!

  2. Frügal says:

    Nowadays, they go through LOTS of ‘Financial Briefs’, where we are taught about the Army’s retirement plan, how much we should contribute each month, why it’s good to not have a running balance on your card, mortgage loans, etc. It is all great information. However, it all pretty much goes out the window, because we are all so darn tired that we can’t pay attention. Ha!

  3. Minny says:

    Great stuff. Tightwad Gazette’s Amy was a navy wife and achieved so much by doing just this.

    Being financially secure doesn’t just ‘happen’. We are frugal and we keep a tight watch on money. This does mean that every thing has to be planned to allow money for those things we want to do.

    As they say ‘a penny saved is a penny earned’, it’s so true.

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