11 Ways to Get Into an Expensive Hobby Without Busting the Budget


In the last six months or so I’ve discovered a new hobby: Board games. I’m not talking about games like Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly, LIFE and the like that are available at the big box stores. I’ve discovered what are commonly called “Euro-games” because they are designed in Europe by European designers. They aren’t generally available in the big-box stores (although Target does have a few including Dominion and Settlers of Catan). You usually have to get them at dedicated game and hobby stores or from online vendors. A friend introduced me to these types of games and I’ve been hooked ever since.

It’s a great hobby, but it’s expensive. A n


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2 Responses to 11 Ways to Get Into an Expensive Hobby Without Busting the Budget

  1. We have a LARGE group of gamers that shares the rent and burden. We have 400+ members in Columbus, Ohio and get an average of 120 at each meeting. We have 1500 games at the club that members can check out like library books and take them home. We in the Columbus Area Boardgaming Society. We continually have flea markets / math trades / vendors on site / members selling games so that you always have opportunities to increase your collection at less than retail prices. Great article!!!

  2. George hinted at this already: trading. It’s often quite easy to trade games with others in the hobby. This is especially inexpensive if you can do it locally in a “no-ship” trade where everyone gets together to swap games.

    Review sites such as BoardGameGeek.com and FunBoardGames.org are plentiful and a great source of information from people who have actually played the games you might be interested in.

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