The Moral Dilemma of Found Cash

found cash

Two weeks ago I had to make an emergency trip to the home improvement store to buy a replacement part for my toilet. The home improvement store shares a strip mall with another big box store and several smaller stores. I parked between the big box store and the home improvement place since that seemed the least congested and I just wanted to get the trip over with.

Anyway, when I stepped out of the car I found $200 in cash lying on the ground. I’m sure someone had it in their pocket and then dragged it out when they pulled out their keys or cell phone. It was two $100 bills folded up together with no identification. No shopping list, no ATM slip, nothing. No one else was getting into


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4 Responses to The Moral Dilemma of Found Cash

  1. Luke says:

    Money clip. As thick and uncomfortable to get in and out of the pocket as possible. Monogrammed with my name. I only carry cash, I got out of the credit/debit card/checking account game years ago.

  2. pen says:

    you did the best you could. On the rare times I carry more then $5, it stays in my wallet, inside another bag to minimize the chance of it being lost. thank you for trying to find the first owner of the money you found. I’m sure the charity appreciated the donation.

  3. EarlyRetirementJoy says:

    I find your solution to be very moral, and one I could live with myself. You attempted to find the proper owner, and then passed it on to others who need it more than you when the rightful owner could not be found. Thank you for sharing . . . I’m inspired by your post. :-)

  4. Joy says:

    I appreciate that you’re empathetic to the degree that you’re still bothered by it, picturing that person’s suffering at the loss. Your solution to give it to a charity is a wonderful one many folks might not have thought of. I’m going to read this story to my daughter up to the point where you come up with your solution, and talk with her about her ideas. Then read your solution. I love it.

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