11 Important Regifting Tips


Do you have any unused, unwanted gifts in the back of your closet? Have you considered regifting them to save a little money this holiday season? Regifting is not completely taboo. If you do it well, regifting can be a rather useful way to save money and clean out your house at the same time. Think of it as gift recycling. Just follow these important regifting tips to save yourself from embarrassment.

Don’t Regift Junk

This really should go without saying. but if the gift you received is junk, then it should never be regifted. part of the image problem that regifting has is because many people believe it is OK to regift their junk to others. This is absolutely not the case. If you con


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2 Responses to 11 Important Regifting Tips

  1. prettycheap says:

    In interest of the way humans are hurtling this planet to extinction (via climate change, the giant trash island in the ocean, and animal species loss just to name a few) I say GET OVER THE STUPID cultural etiquette and just DO IT.

    If that means regifting in a creased gift bag, Please!

    If that means regifting a less desirable sweater/handmade pot/picture frame, PLEASE.

    If that means giving to someone who thinks your ‘JUNK’ is their treasure, get my drift??

    There are way too many needy who would enjoy your ‘JUNK’. Get humble and go visit the halfway home, the foster system, the animal shelter and the soup kitchen.

  2. Gail says:

    This reminds me so much of why the constant push to buy buy buy at this time of the year is so depressing to me. People truly have forgotten the true meaning of Christmas and that is a celebration of Jesus Christ’s birth. If you are an atheist, I doubt you are celebrating this holiday so I don’t figure I’m offending you. Seeing commercials pushing $100 stocking stuffers is ridiculous and one of the reasons that people can resort to regifting as they obviously have way more than they need. Why are people still giving to people that don’t really need or want it? Isn’t it time to say enough? Time to go back to simple get togethers and family time and forget those huge unneeded gifts.

    And as far as I know, mailmen are not supposed to accept or receive gifts for doing their job. It is illegal.

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