Don’t Make A Long-Term Commitment If You Don’t Have To

monthly phone contract killing me

Many people have large contractual or recurring monthly expenses in their budget. Cell phones, gym memberships, club memberships, cable/satellite TV, and data plans for tablets are just a few of the ongoing expenses you may face. These can really add up and you often end up paying even when no one is using the service or membership. While many places try to force you into a lengthy contract or make you think you have to pay every single month, there are also many alternatives to that ongoing monthly bill. Here are some ideas for getting out from under those monthly payments without giving up the services you love entirely.

Cell phones

If you don’t use your cell phone that often or you


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5 Responses to Don’t Make A Long-Term Commitment If You Don’t Have To

  1. Monkey Mama says:

    I’d also add debt payment to the mix. I strongly believe in not signing up for any financial commitments that I can’t drop immediately. (The exception is our mortgage – but we will always need someplace to live – as a renter I’d choose month-to-month to keep it flexible). The less debt and long-term financial contracts you have, the more financially flexible you can be. I always say that it’s not that I have a problem with luxuries. I just prefer luxuries without commitments. Our gym membership can be dropped at any time without penalty – same for any service we pay for.

  2. Shum says:

    I do not have a contract with my cell phone company. When my cell broke, I will not call cell phone company for a new phone. I just go to internet, search for unlock phone (GSM phone), and buy one I like. Never have to sign a contract. There are plenty of unlock phone to choose, price ranges are vary..

  3. Gail says:

    Absolutely! I can’t believe how many people are locked into multiple plans then have those financial bumps in the road and can’t afford it all. It costs the earth to get out of them. When I go too sick to work, I remember it cost us $170+ to get out of my cell phone plan but that was cheaper than keeping it until the plan finished. I was home with a land line and didn’t need the cell–I had formerly been traveling extensively for work.

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