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Smoking Costs Much More Than The Price of Cigarettes

Most people only consider the cost of cigarettes when they calculate how much smoking is costing them. It’s easy to calculate this cost as you know exactly how much you are handing over in cash for each pack of cigarettes you purchase. The truth, however, is that the cost of cigarettes is only a small portion of the overall cost of smoking.

Most smokers forget to take into account the higher cost of insurance (auto, life, health) for being a smoker, the way that smoking devalues assets (car, home, furniture, etc) and other costs that one might skip over if they didn’t think too hard about all those little extras that add up when you smoke. The below infographic from Cost of Smoking clearly shows that the cost of smoking is a lot more than just the cost of the cigarettes:

Cost of Smoking Infographic

2 thoughts on “Smoking Costs Much More Than The Price of Cigarettes

  1. I don’t buy expensive cigs. I usually order Marlboro cigarettes online, because they are cheaper and fresh

  2. Great point, this is exactly what I try to explain to people who argue smoking is actually good for the economy, because it helps the budget. No, it actually doesn’t, its harmful effects end up costing us a lot more than what companies are paying in taxes

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