100 Money Slang Terms

new Canada plastic money

While money isn’t actually made out of paper (it’s made out of cotton fibers), bills are sometimes referred to as “paper” in slang terms. That may change in the not too distant future. While “plastic” is a term which is usually reserved for credit cards, it may soon become yet another slang term for those bills in your pocket. Canada has decided to use plastic for it’s new bills in an attempt to make them more difficult to counterfeit:

And just for those that want to use something a bit different than “money” in your next conversation, here are over 100 money slang terms from bacon to yen — I’m sure there are many more that I missed, so feel free to add more in the comments.

bacon, baht, bananas, banknotes, bankroll, beans, Benjamins ($100 bills), big ones, bills, bits, boffo, bones, booty, bottle caps, bread, buckaroos, bucks, bullets, bundle

C-notes ($100 bills), cabbage, cake, capital, cash, cents, change, checks, cheddar, cheese, chips, chits, chump change, clams, coconuts, coin, copper, cream, currency

dead presidents, dibs, dinars, dinero, dollars, doubloons, dough, drachmae, drafts, duckettes


feti, finances, fins ($5 bills), fish, folding green, fortune, frogskins, funds

Gs ($1000), gelt, gold, grand ($1000), gravy, green, greenbacks, grip, guilders, guineas, gwop

honey, hundies ($100 bills)

jack, Jacksons ($50 bills)

K ($1000), kale, keesh, king’s ransom

lettuce, long green, loonies, loot, lucre, lumber

mangos, marbles, marks, mazuma, means, mint, mite, moolah

pap, paper, pelf, pelts, pesos, pieces of eight, pin money, pittance, plaster, pocket money, pop cans, potatoes


relish, resources, riches, ringgits, rivets, roll, rubles, rupees

sacagaweas, sawbucks ($10 bills), scratch, scrilla, scrip, shekels, shillings, shrapnel, silver, simoleons, smack, smackers, specie, spending money, spondulicks, stack, stake, stash

tender, tips, treasure


wad, WAM (walking around money), wampum, won, wonga


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