Get the Most From Your Magazine Subscriptions

magazine subscriptions

I subscribe to quite a few magazines. Some I got for free, but I’ve paid for many of them. Up until recently I’d been guilty of giving my magazines a quick read and then tossing them into the recycling bin. Then one day I asked myself, “Why am I subscribing to these if I’m not really getting anything out of them?” It started to seem like a waste of money if all I was doing was spending twenty minutes flipping through the magazines and then tossing them without getting anything lasting out of them.

So I decided to slow down and spend more time with each magazine and to write down or cut out things that I could actually use. I decided that if the magazine wasn


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4 Responses to Get the Most From Your Magazine Subscriptions

  1. SMB says:

    What do you use for scanning? I don’t have a scanner but have considered buying one for this purpose–I cut out articles and have amassed quite a bit of paper/binders/etc. It’s kind of embarrassing and it would be nice to have it out of sight on my harddrive. :)

  2. Jennifer says:

    I just have an Epson all in one printer/scanner/copier unit. Since I’m only doing one or 2 pages at a time most times, I don’t mind laying it on the flatbed. If I had a lot to scan, I’d want something with an auto feed. I know that doesn’t help you much…

  3. I have a hard time paying for magazine subscriptions. They’re convenient if you’ve got a long commute or something, but otherwise subscribing to a bunch of RSS feeds gets me most of what I’d get if I subscribed. I will also print an online article to a PDF so that I needn’t worry about the online version going away. And a PDF stored on my computer is searchable.

  4. Christine says:

    I get a lot of magazines too (most free), and have a stack of ones to look through when I have a chance. I don;t feel so bad about getting so many because once I am done with them I put them in the lobby of my apartment building to share with others. They go fast, and I am glad others can also benefit and enjoy. Once done with your magazines, you could donate them to a doctors office, coffee shop, laundromat, school, girls & boys center, girl scouts, boy scouts, auto body shop, break room at your place of employment, neighbors etc. Get creative and pass them along for others to enjoy!

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