A Frugal Person Is An Intelligent Person

Some non-frugal people have a perception that all frugal people are stupid, dumb, backwards, hillbilly housewives, and generally uneducated. I think this stereotype must come from the feeling that the really “smart” people are also very successful and thus don’t need to be frugal. It’s only the uneducated people who aren’t “smart enough” to get high paying jobs that need to be frugal. There’s also the equation of the word “frugal” with the word “poverty” which carries its own (erroneous) stereotypes about education levels. While sometimes I try to laugh this off if someone (who thinks themselves to be so intelligent) sta


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7 Responses to A Frugal Person Is An Intelligent Person

  1. Michelle says:

    Wonderful article! People are so judgemental. Judging people on the surface. “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover…” The frugal ones are the smart ones…how much intelligence does it take to plop down $100 for a new dress? On the other hand, repurposing a dress etc takes creativity and lots of brain power. Plus the satisfaction that you didn’t have to spend $100 for a dress. Smart cookie, those frugal folks :-)

  2. Jamie says:

    My child and I made these adorable paper holder today, using stuff we already have at home. My frugality means my daughter and I get to spend lots of time together doing crafts and projects. Sure I could buy these things, but why would I? 1. Im saving money and 2. Why would I give up all the smiles and laughs and just enjoyment I get out of life with my tiny tot.

  3. minny says:

    Good comments and so true! I introduced my circle of friends to using ‘vouchers’ or ‘meal deals’ when we have our monthly dinner out. I have given quick, frugal recipes from store cupboard items that stop the need for a take-away meal. Two of them have come to me privately to ask about frugal living.

    They are learning as we have introduced alternate dinners where we all bring along a course, it’s all good fun!

    If I have the chance to do an arts or crafts course I can say yes and pay up front. That’s because I saved that money by not spending it rather than being well off. As the old Yorkshire saying goes ‘a penny saved is a penny earned’.

  4. weng says:

    yahhh.. i really believe that frugality is one of the few keys to become a millionaire…

  5. Jackie says:

    If I had been frugal when I start teaching (38 years ago) I would be a millionaire today. Outside of having s larger bank account I also enjoy the idea of being frugal.

  6. Tim says:

    Frugality tends to be a character trait of people who think long terms and can see the big picture. If you know you are planning on something ten years down the road and know that your chances of attaining your goals is great by saving today, then you are ahead of the curve.

  7. Frugality comes with its share of problems, like you mentioned. We have been leading (or trying to lead) minimal and frugal lives for the last few years, partly out of compulsion and partly as an ethical choice. We are kind to people and naturally, a lot of people are kind to us too. When they look at our lifestyles, many of them come to the conclusion that there are a whole lot of “things” that we need and are obviously not able to afford. Without asking, and out of kindness, they gift us things! Out of kindness, we cannot refuse them. We end up using some things and keeping the rest to use as gifts to others, which is something that we have stopped doing for quite some time now. All the frugal intelligence has not helped us solve this problem yet.

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