Ten Benefits of Memberships and Season Passes

season pass discounts

Do you have a museum, zoo, or theme park nearby that you find yourself visiting more than once per year? If you do, you might want to look into the costs and benefits of buying a season pass or becoming a member. I was surprised recently to discover that a year long membership at my local zoo cost just five dollars more than the price of a one-day ticket. If I visit that zoo twice in a year, I’ve saved money. Actually, I could probably save money with just one visit because the membership offers discounts on food and merchandise.

At first glance it may seem like overkill to buy a pass or membership for just a few visits. But if you look closely you’ll probably discover that the


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2 Responses to Ten Benefits of Memberships and Season Passes

  1. Lori Pace says:

    Excellent article, as the Nashville Zoo’s Membership Director this is all the same information we strive to present to prospective and renewing members.

  2. david says:

    I love memberships. Not only are they a great way to support the institutions you believe in, they give great discounts and exclusive offers. I’m surprised that more people don’t take advantage of these offers.

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