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Don’t Go on a Coupon Binge

This is the time of year when one of my friends starts running around like a maniac trying to use up all of the coupons from her Entertainment Book. Most of the coupons expire in November, so we will spend the next month eating in all kinds of places and doing all sorts of activities just so she can use up that book. Most of these places are far enough away that the cost of gas to get there is more than the coupon is worth, not to mention the fact that we’re just not that interested in a lot of these places. (If we were, I think we would have gotten there by now.)

But my friend has a compulsion to use up that book. I’ve tried to explain that she doesn’t need to use every coupon in the book. All she has to do is use enough to earn back her purchase price and a little more and the book has accomplished its purpose. But, no. She has to use as much as possible. While I think it’s great that she wants to get her money’s worth out of the book, she needs to realize that, at this point, she’s spending much more than she’s saving. If she’d really wanted to visit these restaurants or do these activities, she would have done them eight months ago. Now that she’s just doing them to use up coupons, it’s a spending exercise rather than a saving exercise.

I see this a lot with coupons in general, not just those that come in the Entertainment Book. When it gets close to the end of the month, I can count on the fact that the stores and restaurants around town will be jammed with more couponers than usual, all trying to use up their coupons before they expire. They’re on a coupon binge. (I think retailers know this, too, because I’ve noticed that the sales flyers aren’t as great that last week of the month.) The problem is that if you’re using a coupon just to use it, you’re spending unnecessarily. Coupons are used to best advantage in three cases:

  • When you can combine a coupon with a sale and/or other coupons to maximize your savings. This is the time to build your stockpile because you’re getting things at the lowest possible prices.
  • When there is no sale but you need an item immediately, or you want something like a restaurant meal that never goes on sale. At least you’re saving something off of retail rather than paying full price.
  • When there’s something like a restaurant, activity, or food item that you just want to try but aren’t sure if you’ll like it. If you hate it, at least you didn’t pay full price.

If you’re using a coupon just because it’s expiring and you’re not meeting one of these three conditions, chances are you’re wasting rather than saving money. If you’ve gotten to the last days of a coupons’ validity and there’s not a great sale or you don’t have a huge desire to eat out, ask yourself if you really need to use those coupons. If you haven’t spent the coupons by now, chances are you didn’t really want or need the items, or you didn’t really want to eat at the restaurant. Most coupons will come around again, so just wait until then. Maybe by then you’ll be in a position to use it to best advantage.

There’s nothing wrong with sorting through your coupons near the end of the month to make sure there wasn’t something fabulous that you forgot about or overlooked. It’s wise to make sure you aren’t missing out on something you really meant to use or do. It isn’t wise, however, to go on a coupon binge just because you think you need to use up every coupon in your stash before it expires.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Go on a Coupon Binge

  1. I try to remember that coupons are really just slips of paper. If you don’t need the particular thing that it represents or if it’s not enough to make it worthwhile to redeem it nothing terrible is going to happen if it isn’t redeemed. Even if you can use the thing chances are that another coupon will show up down the road sooner or later. I learned long ago that I have to use the coupons not let them use me. The whole idea that manufacturers have behind issuing the coupons is for you to buy their products that’s what makes it worthwhile to them to issue them. Make sure you are using them to benefit you, not them.

  2. I am not a big shopper but I can see how a coupon binge could be a issue for some. It kind of defeats the whole purpose of using coupons to save if that is whats trying to be accomplished. You should be using coupons that will fit into your everyday life as a tool to assist in saving money. If saving isn’t a concern and you just like to shop and find deals, then buying every item you have a coupon for could make sense. Definitely will not save you any money though.

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