10 Things Women Need To Know About Divorce In The Current Economy

With the nation’s still-struggling economy continuing to make headlines women need to know some facts about divorce. High unemployment rates, bank closures, skyrocketing foreclosures and other grim financial news are commonplace. It’s enough to make us all run screaming for the hills – or some idyllic paradise in which money isn’t a problem. (If you find this place, please fill me in. I’ll be there in a flash!)

For women, once you’ve finalized your divorce, finances often become a much bigger part of your life. You may have been in a partnership in which financial duties like budgeting and bill paying fell to your spouse. Or you may have maintained control


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One Response to 10 Things Women Need To Know About Divorce In The Current Economy

  1. Anonymous says:

    I find it interesting that you assume that the woman will get the children following a divorce. I found out the hard way that whoever files first asking for the children has the best chance of getting them and the child support that goes along with them. My ex filed first asking for the kids, the house, the whole works. He got the kids, the house, the whole works. In the meantime he and his parents had done their best to make me look like an incompetent awful mother. Truth that came out was he didn’t care how much time the kids were with me, he just wanted custody ie. child support. When that gem came out in a subsequent hearing, that was the end of his child custody and we got joint custody.

    It is awful what parents will put their children through all in the name of money. He wanted money from me and he didn’t want to have to pay me money and so to accomplish that goal he tried to scoop up everything he could and the law allowed him to. So my advice to women that feel a divorce is emminent is realize that getting to the lawyer first can have great financial and personal consequences. Do not expect child support or alimony. Most women are expected to be earning a living in this day and age.

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