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Invest in Weight Loss: Some Obesity Facts

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” is what you’re thinking. Here come all of the obesity facts. You think I’m going to talk about all of the money you spend on fast food, junk food, and those other sinful pleasures, or at least sinful as defined by the health nuts with six pack abs. No more guilt trips. What if we could show you that by simply losing weight, you could add thousands of dollars a year to your salary?

What does obesity cost? Let’s look at some obesity facts. When you don’t maintain your weight it costs the
country as well as costing you. With 67% of the United States overweight, the National Institutes of Health estimates obesity is costing the country $100 billion every year. If you’re an overweight woman, the costs associated with those extra pounds average $8,365 annually. If you’re a man, you’re spending as much as $6,518 more per year than you would be if you were a healthy weight. For men, that’s $543 each month! Only an average of 10% of that money was spent on medical bills. Weight is such an epidemic that Americans now spend a combined $1 billion on extra gas each year in order to move those extra pounds around the country.

There was also a study that shows that a women weighing 104 pounds makes an average of $22,000 more per year than an average size women which, at the time of the study was 164 pounds. Although unfair, men can get away with extra pounds in the workplace. There was virtually no difference in salary for men.

You Can Invest in Your Weight: The obesity facts may not sway you, but would it be worth it to lose weight if you could put thousands of dollars in to your pocket? How do you invest in your weight? Let’s crunch the numbers. Let’s say that you’re an overweight woman. Remember that you’re spending $8,365 more than you should be simply because of your weight. Now, let’s say that you were to take out a gym membership for $20 each month and even hired a personal trainer and paid $200 per month. I’ll even add in $500 for workout clothes, water bottles and aspirin for the early days of training. That’s a total of $3,140 spent on getting healthy.

Almost instantly some of what you were spending on being overweight will disappear, but to be realistic you probably won’t cut out the entire $8,365 instantly. Let’s assume that you lose a bunch of weight over the course of a few years and get that number down to $2,000. You’re now spending $5,140 on your weight instead of $8,365. That’s a savings of 38% each year! If a professional investor could score a 38% yearly gain on their investments, they would be doing a major happy dance.

Let’s be a little more realistic. It would be close to impossible to actually calculate the amount of money you would save by getting your weight under control, but what’s more important is that healthier people as a whole live longer and live healthier. You undoubtedly have people in your world that would be devastated by your absence and they want you in their lives as long as possible. Your positive contribution to their life is priceless and that alone is the most important reason to live a healthy life.

4 thoughts on “Invest in Weight Loss: Some Obesity Facts

  1. How did you come up with these calculations? How does it cost over $8000 per year for a woman to be overweight?
    I’m not overweight. My BMI is in the healthy range. But, I can’t imagine why I would be spending $8000 more per year if I were overweight. The cost of extra food?

  2. I don’t think you’re losing the whole 8K. The linked article mentions “things like employee sick days, lost productivity, even the need for extra gasoline … wages … earlier death … disability claims.” They’re talking about societal costs, not necessarily your costs. Frankly, an early death costs me less!

    I know that some medical tools cost more for very large or very heavy people than the standard tools that don’t work for them.

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