The Dangers of Daily Deals

It seems like daily deals are everywhere these days.

Amazon has it’s Gold Box, there are plenty of sites like that offer one-day deals on specific items, and the group coupon deal sites like Groupon are proliferating like mad. Even many “regular” retailers have daily specials on their websites. While it is possible to save money using these sites, it’s also possible to waste a lot of money.

I got into a bit of trouble with Amazon a year or so ago. After finding a great deal on something I really needed, I started checking the Gold Box every day to see what else I could find. That led to checking the video game and Kindle book deals of the day, too. Pretty soo


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2 Responses to The Dangers of Daily Deals

  1. thriftygal says:

    Another thing to consider is if the business will be in business for the length of the coupon. A vegan restaurant opened in my city and I thought I would support the local business by buying $50.00 in bogo coupons. They went out of business due to financial mismanagement before the coupon expired. Lesson learned here. No more local coupons for me.

  2. ThiNg says:

    We run a small local business and we have used Groupon to promote our products. Thrifygal is right that you should at least be aware of how long the company has been around. We’ve been in business for over 4 years now so our customers felt safe buying the coupons. ALSO, we honour the groupon even AFTER it expires as a matter of Customer Service. There are businesses that really do care. Let see a big chain accept an offer 6 weeks or 12 weeks after it expires!

    One final thing, the cost for running the Groupon was very expensive for us. We sold at a LOSS for the chance to advertise and the deal was fantastic for the client (3 hours of Drop-Off Art Time for $12) and we only get a portion of the $12.

    So let’s not paint all businesses with a bad brush. The Groupon offered the chance for us to advertise to 30,000+ people in our community.

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