Alternative Furnishings: Strange Ways to Save Money

Furniture is expensive.

Even “cheap” furniture is expensive, and if you want high quality furniture prepare for sticker shock. While many people have an ultimate goal of having a nicely furnished home, some people don’t share that desire or have the means to pay for expensive furniture.

Those just starting out likely don’t have the budget for high quality furniture. People who move often also may prefer cheaper furnishings since their stuff may be subjected to more wear and tear and time in storage facilities. People with little kids or lots of pets may not want a lot of nice stuff since it’s likely to be damaged. But you still need a place to sit, sleep and sto


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3 Responses to Alternative Furnishings: Strange Ways to Save Money

  1. Livia says:

    Alternatives to furniture like those presented here may also work in the business sector. I work in a small company and my desk is the result of a DIY action. In fact all the other desks in the company are the same. It was way cheaper than the cheapest desk on the market and it is certainly more qualitative.
    A very good idea to save money!

  2. Monica Clark says:

    I couldn’t agree more with your ideas for re-purposing and up-cycling furniture. Not only is is cost effective, but a great way to express one’s individuality, and avoid the “cookie cutter” decor look. There are plenty of ideas and tutorials on the web for easy projects, and usually a coat of paint will do the trick. Besides saving money, you are also preventing more stuff from ending up in the landfill, so its good all around.

  3. Gail says:

    Not only did my husband make our bed frame when we got married, he made it specifically to where my knees come to the top of the mattress so getting in and out of bed has been easy even with my artificial knees as many beds are too low to the ground. Not only did he make the king size frame and headboard, it is a foundation bed with 8 full size drawers underneath for storage and no need for a mattress foundation. Lots of storage and a perfect fit. He also has made and or refinished several chairs and made ottomans, also to size, for where I sit so I can keep my legs proped up in comfort. The refinished chairs upholstered in fabric that we picked up at a yard sale for $5!

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