11 Actions That Have Benefitted My Finances the Most

I’ve reached one of those milestone birthdays where you stop and take stock of your life.

I’ve been looking at where I’ve been and where I’m going professionally, personally, and financially. In looking at my finances, I’ve realized that there are eleven actions that have contributed directly to my success. These actions have all been things that were within my control. Certainly I’ve been fortunate or “lucky” in many ways, but by controlling these eleven things, I made the most of that good fortune and improved my circumstances over what they otherwise would have been. Here are the eleven actions that have benefited my finances the most.



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One Response to 11 Actions That Have Benefitted My Finances the Most

  1. uRabbit says:

    Finally, a good article. :) All great points. Especially the first one. Is it not a modern day tragedy that our education system has absolutely no interest in teaching personal finance? Sure, we have economics, but what does that teach us? It’s like teaching algebra before learning how to multiply…

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