How to Save Money on Fall Fashion Trends

When people find out that I’m an image consultant and personal shopper, they are always eager to hear what the latest hot trends are. While I can surely list them, I also forewarn people that just because something is “in” it doesn’t mean that it’s right for them. The savvy shopper will be aware of the trends, and then only purchase what fits their own personal style, body type and personal coloring.

Not only do you need to assess the trends before heading to the mall, but I highly encourage you to put on your creative thinking cap as well. In many instances, there are ways to save money on the current styles, and you may just very well find some solutions right


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  1. CindyM says:

    I’m sure no one here will mention this one, but it is probably possible wherever you live to find a few places in your community where you can actually get free clothing and accessories no matter what your income is. Once a month, I know I can check out a church basement where anyone can walk in, no matter what your income is. I also go one Wednesday a month to an old high school building that has a clothing room; this is a city thing where you sign in and are allowed 2 bags of clothing per month. I found both of these places mentioned in a city paper that comes out weekly where I live. What I do usually is donate bags of clothing or household goods, essentially trading things I have for other things. I make sure what I donate is in good shape and I never take what I can’t use. Sometimes I take nothing. I have come across very nice practically new clothing, some even with the tags still on, shoes, books, etc. I see nothing wrong with doing this; both places are loaded down with goods many people apparently don’t care about, and the ladies who volunteer there tell me to take whatever I want. When I retire, I will check into volunteering at one of these places. With a little knowledge of what’s chic/in, some imagination and a bit of know-how, you can dress without spending much of anything if you even halfway try, in my opinion.

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