Pretend You Have a Different Life: Strange Ways to Save Money

At various times in my life I’ve lived in apartments with few appliances, dormitories with no amenities at all, and homes with HOA’s that restricted what I could do on my own property.

I’ve also worked in offices that had no free parking. Living and working in these places greatly increased my expenses because I had to pay for so many things that I could do myself or for free elsewhere. Without a washer and dryer, I had to pay for laundry. Living in a restrictive neighborhood meant I couldn’t work on or wash my car and I had to pay third parties for those services. Working where there’s no free parking meant a monthly parking contract.

I’m fortunate to hav


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3 Responses to Pretend You Have a Different Life: Strange Ways to Save Money

  1. SMB says:

    I’ve done something very similar. I call it “Playing at being broke” and it’s kind of fun–when you’re really NOT broke. :) And, it works!

  2. Monkey Mama says:

    We’ve pretty much played this game in the sense of “pretend we didn’t get that raise” and “pretend only one of us works.” Just to point out that this mindset can easily save very large amounts of money.

  3. jack shittz says:

    Rich people have always claimed to be poor in order to get free handouts, just look at all the nice big new cars and trucks in front of the Dollar store’s.

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