2 Responses to Don’t Over Think Your Travel Savings Strategies

  1. Gail says:

    Traveling tomorrow for the first time in years. Almost two years ago when it seemed as if son and his GF might be headed down a wedding path we got paid for a big job and I set money for the wedding aside (not knowing when or if). Well the when is Saturday and two weeks ago when I realized I was not in good enough shape physically to drive to the wedding (nor was our car that we bought years ago for $1 up to it either, I made plane and hotel reservations, still had money towards our food while there, wedding present, hair-do and wedding clothes, etc. Even though in every other category of funds currently we are tight, it is terrific to know that I won’t miss my son’s wedding and I don’t have to pinch every single penny on the whole trip and if any is left over when we get home, it will go into our general bill fund. This will be our first vacation of any sort in 10 years and so am happy that I had the discipline to ignore that money while it sat there gathering interest.

    Perhaps I should start setting aside money now for the birth of the first grandbaby?

  2. 9javatar says:

    Nice story and congratulations to you and your son, just out of curiousity, in which centrury did you buy a car for $1. I guess you’re kidding cos I’ve never heard that before and I didn’t think it was possible.

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