Check and Keep Your Receipt: Strange Ways to Save Money

When a cashier hands you your receipt, you probably just think of it as one more annoying piece of paper. Many people toss their receipts in the nearest garbage can on their way out of the store. It’s particularly tempting to toss it when you paid cash and you don’t even have to enter it in the checkbook. But receipts are actually very useful pieces of paper that can help you save some money. How? Here are some savings that you’re likely to find on a receipt and some instances where keeping your receipts can save you money.


Before you leave the store, check to make sure that all of your items were priced correctly and that any coupons were applied correctly. This is


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2 Responses to Check and Keep Your Receipt: Strange Ways to Save Money

  1. Deb says:

    My grocery store (Redners) has a “save-a-tape” program. You use your gas rewards card and in addition to gas discounts, you save the receipts and give them to a local charity (senior groups, food banks, library), which gets a percentage of the total as a donation from the store. I give mine (and all my family’s) to the library, which has had its public funding severely cut in the past few years. Last year they received over $50,000 from the store. Check in your local community to see if anything like that exists.

  2. Patricia Bauman says:

    I always reply on the receipts that ask for my shopping experiencse and have as yet to win.

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