Sometimes It’s So Simple

My neighbor’s refrigerator died a couple of weeks ago. It was running, but hardly putting out any cold air.

Since it was in the middle of a heat wave, she felt that she had little choice but to just go get a new one. So she went out and spent $2,000 on a new fridge.

I don’t blame her, in a way for choosing to replace over calling a repairman. Very often the cost of a repair can equal or exceed the cost of a new appliance by the time you factor in parts and labor. At that point, it becomes a personal choice whether to repair or replace. Where I do think she went wrong, though, is in not attempting to even find out what the problem was and fix it herself.

A couple of weeks after ha


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2 Responses to Sometimes It’s So Simple

  1. Alexandria says:

    Very True! (I’ve seen the “fridge only needed a simple cleaning” think a few times. Happened to our fridge, too).

    The only big items like that I ever tossed without trying to fix? A 20-year-old vehicle and a 30+-year-old washer/dryer. (I had paid virtually nothing for either of these items, and got MANY years out of them). It was time to move on. But aside from the *ancient* and *beyond repair* – we’ve always found a quick/easy/cheap fix. IT absolutely amazes me the way people go through things like computers, cars, and appliances. Something’s wrong? Time for a new one. Right?

    I’ve joked that several people I know rather buy a new car than buy new spark plugs. IT’s the truth.

  2. Jaime B says:

    I had a couple of people through my house to get estimates on redoing a bathroom in my basement. One of the items I included was that the fan wasn’t working. The second guy told me I probably just needed to take a vacuum to it, lol. Luckily, I’d just bought the house so at least it wasn’t my own housekeeping that left it gunked up.

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