If It’s Online, It Can Cost You a Job

It’s widely known that many employers Google prospective employees in addition to the standard criminal background and credit checks. Most usually check out your social networking pages and any obvious name-mentions in the press. But what may not be as widely known is that some employers are going further. Whether they’re doing it themselves or hiring a third party to search you out, many employers are looking at everything they can find about you online, even things that go back many years.

Even if you’ve scrubbed your social networking profiles clean, there are things that can be used against you. What does this mean? It means that nothing you do online is sacred and that


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3 Responses to If It’s Online, It Can Cost You a Job

  1. John Williams says:

    First have many email address; one just for work, play, forums, gaming, buying and selling, anything else you do online. This way your different activities are not linked online. knowing your social network email won’t direct them to your shady Craigslist activity. Another help is to have such a common name or a famous name. This makes it near impossible for a potential employer to find the real you online.

  2. Dan says:

    Excellent advice. I’m amazed at friends who come to me for resume/application advice and still use something like hot14u@yahoo.com as their email.

    Go buy yourname.com or .us and use it for email. I bought voyles.us a long time ago, and it is handy as my personal email domain, as well as email for family members.

  3. Gail says:

    We sell in our on line store and like Dan are amazed at the email addresses that people have that are horribly sexually suggestive, or even worse sounding. I really wonder who and why a person would want to be known as redhotmama. Sleaze-is-us might as well have an email site as they would get plenty of customers.

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