Paying to Save Money

A coworker of mine recently decided to get her finances in order. She admitted her debt troubles and her concerns that they don’t have anything saved for the future, let alone emergencies. While I applaud her desire to fix things, I question the method and the seriousness of her effort.

I had to hide a chuckle when she showed up in the office after lunch the other day with two big bags. One was from Office Max and the other was from Barnes and Noble. She proceeded to show us all of her purchases: Quicken, a ledger, six books on personal finance, and a blank journal. She mentioned that she’d also joined a couple of websites (that make you pay for a subscription), that she’d


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4 Responses to Paying to Save Money

  1. Larabelle says:

    I so agree with you!!!
    The internet is such a wealth of information. She could find Dave Ramsey advice via his free website or purchased his book online at a sharp discount. There are so many websites out there telling people how to do things in frugal ways.

  2. Arwen Taylor says:

    That’s like people who go on a binge before they start a new diet. Instead of just changing their eating habits right away, they spend the weekend having their “last meal” before they go on their diet the following Monday.

    There is just too much free information online to really need to buy books anymore. All she needs is a little time to search for it. Hopefully, somewhere in the books she purchased, they will tell her what you just wrote.

  3. Bunny Girl says:

    Guilty! I bought the safe, ledger paper, new fancy folders and coupon holders.
    That’s why we need guidance. We need help.
    The obvious answer, not going there, was insane when I read it, but I am guilty of not seeing it right in front of my face.
    Thank you for being free!!

  4. David says:

    With the effective household budgeting, a greater awareness of where the money actually goes becomes both enlightning and very empowering at the same time. Some people react to this information with shock, realizing that their own actions has become their worst financial enemy.

    Get the basics down as described in this article and you will be able to save money, get out of debt, and live financially free.

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