Work With the Dead: Strange Ways to Make Money

Working with the dead typically appeals to two types of people. Those who don’t like a lot of personal interaction in their work (the dead aren’t going to complain or engage in office politics, after all) and those who are compassionate and derive satisfaction from helping others through their grief. Either way, working in the funeral industry isn’t as depressing or creepy as you might think. It can be quiet, peaceful work and you can feel good that you sent others into the afterlife with dignity and respect. If you want to work with the dead, here are some job options for you.

Grave digging. You no longer need to labor for hours with a shovel. Most digging these days is do


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2 Responses to Work With the Dead: Strange Ways to Make Money

  1. uRabbit says:

    All the positions listed here require previous experience and/or college education.

    I would not consider this to be a good addition to the “Strange Ways To Make Money” series, as it typically includes odd-jobs and the like.

    Otherwise, I could blog for years about off-the-cuff strange jobs.

  2. Nancy Wanderski says:

    The coolest job I think would be the customer service person who retrieves the data to helps family members locate old gravesites in a cemetary. I am currently doing some family geneaology research and I found it fascinating working with such a person who retrieved the old cardstock cemetary records dating back to the late 1800’s. To actually handle these old records, and to learn the addresses of my ancestors who passed on, and the illnesses they died of was intriguing. To think that a typist using an old manual typewriter prepared these records one-at-a-time, and listed antiquated terms for cause of death was really amusing. There is so much history here. With all the privacy laws now, I would guess that deceased name, date of birth, and date of death is all that would be collected. I learned so much and was able to find ancestors I didn’t even know about. This job probably pays very little, but seems like a nice, quiet, fulfilling workday, with little pressure. The popularity of cremation will certainly reduce the need for cemetary workers. I would love to provide this service for people!!

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