Are You Willing to Be Humiliated to Save Money?

Chik-Fil-A hosted their annual “Cow Appreciation Day” last week.

If you went to the restaurant fully dressed as a cow, you got a free meal. If you wore just a little cow gear, you got a free entree. We decided that it would be fun so we made some simple costumes from white clothes we already had by taping on some printed cow spots. We pinned some beanie cows to our hats and off we went. We each got a the full free meal so it was a free dinner for us in exchange for just a little bit of creativity and effort.

The whole evening was pretty fun, too. Several other “cows” were there so we got to see how other people dressed up. The management had the cow mascot out playing


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One Response to Are You Willing to Be Humiliated to Save Money?

  1. Melissa says:

    Hi. I had a little chuckle at your article, and had to comment: I totally agree with your point of view. Good for you for having a bit of fun (and getting a free meal at the same time). I wouldn’t *humiliate* myself to save money, but I would dress up as a cow! It’s a shame people have to make nasty comments.
    I recently put on my facebook wall that I ‘liked’ a particular brand of feminine hygeine products to get free samples sent in the mail. Oh, the comments… :)

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