Get A Job As Santa Claus: Strange Ways to Make Money

It’s July and time to start thinking about Christmas.

Seriously. If you want to work as Santa Claus this Christmas, now is the time to start training and looking for work. Santa work isn’t hard to come by. Many stores, malls, civic groups, and party companies hire Santas. Santa is needed for parades and private parties, as well. The trick is that you must look (or be able to transform via make-up and padding) and act the part. Don’t worry if you don’t fit the “jolly, fat, white man” stereotype, either. Many places are now hiring Santas of different races and weights to fit a more diverse picture of Santa Claus. Women can also find work as Mrs. Claus. If Sa...

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One Response to Get A Job As Santa Claus: Strange Ways to Make Money

  1. Brit,Beavers says:

    Hello I work in a Atlanta mall and I’m willing to hire a friendly Santa who can work for at least five hours for five days…$100/day..please email me…

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