The Secret to a Long, Happy Marriage: Live Below Your Means

In amongst the usual depressing crime and war stories, our local paper recently carried an article about a couple who has been married for seventy years. That’s such a rare feat that the U.S. Census doesn’t even track the number of couples that make it that far. The census stops counting at fifty years of marriage. Anyway, the interviewer asked the couple how they’d stayed married so long. The woman said that, aside from love, friendship, tolerance, etc., they’d made it so far because they’d always lived below their means. “We knew what we could afford and we were happy with it,” said the wife.

It may seem like a small, throw away comment, but to som


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3 Responses to The Secret to a Long, Happy Marriage: Live Below Your Means

  1. 20 and Engaged says:

    Wow, 70 years married? That’s miraculous! Living beneath your means seems to be more valuable than I thought.

  2. thrifygal says:

    I’ve been married nearly 20 years and we’ve had some tough financial times. We’ve made financial mistakes but we knew we were in this together and worked through it. The only other thing that helps make it through those times is to trust that your spouse is thinking about what is in your best interest.

  3. TyI do agree that most aren’t happy with what they got. I like the thoughts ‘grow old with me, the best is yet to come’ and of course ‘until death do us part’ 😉

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