How Accessories Can Save You Money

As a wardrobe stylist and personal shopper, one of my jobs is to help people create their seasonal or annual clothing budget. For many new clients, who normally shop here and there throughout the year, they sometimes have sticker shock when they start shopping “in bulk” twice a year. Although they have more than likely spent more overall with their previous shopping strategies (and wound up with a less cohesive wardrobe), it still can be a mental hurdle to overcome.

When push comes to shove, I often encounter people resisting the finishing touches on their wardrobe, namely the accessories. (And let’s clarify that by accessories, I mean items such as your jewelry, handbag, s


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3 Responses to How Accessories Can Save You Money

  1. patty says:

    Well said, I personally have been on the hunt for years for the perfect leather handbag. Some are way to big, others have tons of logos, still others are very dated (and they have just come out!)

  2. You gotta figure out your own look and style and what works for you. Don’t try to be in line with some fancy trend or fashion. Like Warren Buffet says wear what makes you feel good and comfortable, regardless if it’s name brand or not.

  3. Marie says:

    I think it’s important to not only look at fashion trends but to think of what will still look stylish in 10 years time. The birkin and 2.55 chanel are perfect examples of this! They are classic yet stylish, and will continue to be for many years! By investing in a good quality bag in a classic style you can be sure you will have one that will both last and always look great! Great post.

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