Rent Out Your Parking: Strange Ways to Make Money

If you live in an area where parking is scarce or in high demand, you can make a little money by renting out your parking space.

Around here there are several large fairs and festivals held every year. While most provide free parking, the free parking is often a good hike away from the venue. There are several home and business owners that are adjacent to the festival grounds. They capitalize on the fact that people want to park close by and they rent out their parking lots, driveways, and yards. The going price tends to be between two and ten dollars, depending on how close they are to the grounds. If a homeowner can park four cars in his yard, that’s possibly $40 per day. More if the...

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One Response to Rent Out Your Parking: Strange Ways to Make Money

  1. My English Castle says:

    We have a three-car garage and are renting out our extra space. It’s a nice little earner.

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